The Labor Center conducts educational programming for workers and their organizations, both bringing workers from across the region to campus to attend our on-campus programs and taking the University to them with tailored off-campus programs. Since the Labor Center's founding in 1951, tens of thousands of Iowa workers and union members have participated in Labor Center classes on labor and employment law and leadership development skills. Today, as part of The University of Iowa College of Law, the Center annually reaches over 2,500 adult learners through a wide range of non-credit course offerings both on and off campus. The Labor Center also conducts applied research; develops adult educational curriculum; hosts regional and national leadership schools; provides information on labor and workplace issues to faculty, students, and the public; and mentors and helps place students interested in careers in labor-related fields.


Our Mission

The Labor Center's mission is to provide educational programs and research support to Iowa’s working people and their organizations. Since 1951, the Labor Center has acted as a bridge bringing Iowa workers to the University and the University to Iowa workers.



Our Labor Advisory Committee

The Labor Center maintains a Labor Advisory Committee of labor leaders from across Iowa and the Midwest. This Committee promotes ongoing dialogue between the University and the labor movement, offers guidance on keeping Labor Center education programs responsive to the interests of working people in Iowa, and promotes broader worker participation in UI educational programs. 


Our Staff

The Labor Center's dedicated Labor Educators and Administrative Secretary conduct research and deliver programing to support Iowa's workers.  Whether it's research or tailored education and training, the Labor Center team is ready to help you make it happen.     

The Labor Center just celebrated our 70th Anniversary on May 7, 2022!  

Check out a short description of the event, photos, and the commemorative journal.

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Your Labor Center has a collection of worker centered resources on all sorts of valuable topics we are happy to share.

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The Labor Center offers numerous on-campus education and training opportunities each year.  But, if you need something unique to your organization, we can work with you to make it happen and bring the education and training to you.


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The Labor Center is dedicated to helping workers get the answers they need.  Got a worker related question?  We're here to help.

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