COVID-19: Your Right to a Safe Workplace








COVID-19 Fact Sheets for Iowa Workers 

Iowa Worker Rights during COVID-19

Health & Safety: Are you and your co-workers safe at work? Updated 2-11-2021 (download pdf)

Leave & Attendance: Can you or your coworkers stay home to follow health, quarantine, or
child care guidelines? (download pdf)


Salud & Seguridad: ¿Están usted y sus compañeros de trabajo seguros en el trabajo? (pdf)

Licencia & Asistencia: ¿Tienes licencia para quedarte en casa cuando sea necesario? (pdf)


Iowa Worker Rights Manual

Iowa Worker Rights Manual cover image

This manual lays out state and federal laws that apply to workers, employers and the workplace. 

English langage version (download pdf)

Spanish language version (download pdf)


Quick Guide to Iowa Unemployment Insurance Benefits

*UPDATED 7-21-2021* This easy-to-use guide will help workers and their advocates navigate the complexities of the unemployment benefit programs. (download pdf)

COVID-19 Related Webinars

Human Rights & COVID-19: Protecting Iowa Worker Rights (recorded April 22, 2020)
Watch here (57 minutes)

Protecting Meatpacking Worker Health & Safety (recorded May 21, 2020)
Watch here (88 minutes)

Workplace Information Rights for Workers and Unions (recorded June 30, 2020)
Watch here (73 minutes)

Introduction to Unemployment Appeals in the context of COVID-19 (recorded August 11, 2020)
Watch here (96 minutes)