Prior Year Program Schedule

On-Campus Programs Held In 2017-2018

Public Sector Bargaining in Iowa

This two-day course offered a detailed review of recent legal changes to Iowa's public sector bargaining law and other public employment policies.

Advanced Steward School

This two-day program for union officers, staff, and experienced stewards included updates on hot topics, an analysis of arbitration case studies, and a focus on sharpening communication, advocacy and presentation skills.

Workers' Compensation in Iowa

This program covered the basics of workers' compensation law and an update on significant changes made by the Iowa legislature in 2017. Guest speakers included experienced Iowa work comp attorneys.

Financial Officers' School

Designed for union officers responsible for private and public sector union financial recordkeeping. Included sessions on IRS reporting requirements, LM and PERB forms, audits, changes in Department of Labor regulations, accounting skills, and budgeting.

Collective Bargaining (private sector)

A hands-on approach intended to get union staff, officers and bargaining team members ready for bargaining. Included sessions on bargaining law, preparation and research, member mobilizing, community support, media and communication, persuasive techniques, impasse resolution and a practice bargaining session.

Family and Medical Leave Act

This program featured an in-depth review of FMLA law and the revised 2013 Dept. of Labor regulations, plus sessions on helping members with FMLA questions, handling FMLA grievances, bargaining improved contract language, and how to address common problems with medical certification.

Building Workers' Power in a Globalized World: Shifting Legal Landscapes, Past and Present

When worker rights are in crisis, where can we look for ideas, inspiration, and models for change? This conference featured local, national, and international case studies to explore the ways in which workers have tested, challenged, and shaped laws and political institutions over time.  Co-sponsored with the Iowa Labor History Society.

Labor Short Course

The Labor Center's longest-running annual course. A week-long class designed to introduce newer union activists to many of the issues facing organized labor, plus sessions to improve practical skills needed by stewards and other union leaders. A great opportunity to build the leadership necessary to strengthen your union for the future.