Labor Center Staff

Current Staff

Robin Clark-Bennett, Director


Robin Clark-Bennett serves as an educator and Director of the Labor Center.  She teaches classes for working Iowans on basic labor and employment rights, representation and collective bargaining skills, organizing, communications, labor-community coalitions, labor history, and the intersection of labor and immigration policy. Robin also speaks Spanish and conducts many of the Labor Center's outreach programs with immigrant and refugee community organizations.

Paul Iversen, Labor Educator


Paul joined the Labor Center staff as a Labor Educator in January, 2011. He teaches on a range of subjects, and has particular expertise in labor and employment law, contract administration and enforcement, labor arbitration, occupational health and safety, and building and construction trades issues (including the application of Davis-Bacon and prevailing wage statutes).

Guillermo Morales, Labor Educator


Guillermo is a transplant from El Paso, Texas by way of California where, as a labor advocate over the last seven years, he contributed greatly to the successes of the California School Employees Association (CSEA), a statewide union representing over 260,000 classified public school employees. Guillermo's expertise is in strategic planning, worker advocacy and representation, negotiations, and labor/management relations.

John McKerley, Oral Historian


John is an oral historian, archivist, and documentarian who specializes in US labor and working class history. Since 2013, he has served as curator of the Iowa Labor History Oral Project (ILHOP), an over forty-year-old oral history project directed by the Labor Center in collaboration with the UI Libraries, the State Historical Society of Iowa (SHSI), the Iowa Labor History Society (ILHS), and the Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO.

Sarah Clark, Secretary


Sarah was delighted to re-join the Labor Center staff in July 2010, after a 20-year hiatus on the West Coast. Sarah handles administrative work, registration and conference logistics, and materials preparation associated with all Labor Center on-campus and off-campus programming.